The Black Hand

Traversing the Fortress

Battle through the Drow fortress

The party began their dugeoneering at the smallest of the drow stalagmites. After investigating, they discovered it was a spider hatchery. They dispatched them by lighting the webs ablaze They came to the next stalagmite, and found it to be the barracks. They dispatched the warriors within and made their way up to the top floor of the barracks. There they encountered a wizard, and his guards in a necromantic room. After killing the wizard’s guards, they discovered that they simply rose again as skeletons. The wizard tried to escape into the dark, but Crowley managed to kill the wizard before he managed to escape. Continuing on through the fortress, the party discovered the temple to Lolth, containing a priestess of Lolth. They engaged her in battle, eliminating her swarms and disabling her traps. She held her own for a while, but the sheer volume of warriors overwhelmed her. The party defeated her, took their spoils and started their search for the prison containing the girl.


Palazard95 Palazard95

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